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Gyeongju East Palace Garden (Donggungwon) (경주 동궁원)

  • Gyeongju East Palace Garden (Donggungwon) (경주 동궁원)
  • Gyeongju East Palace Garden (Donggungwon) (경주 동궁원)
  • Gyeongju East Palace Garden (Donggungwon) (경주 동궁원)
  • Gyeongju East Palace Garden (Donggungwon) (경주 동궁원)
  • Gyeongju East Palace Garden (Donggungwon) (경주 동궁원)
74-14, Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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  • Information
    Gyeongju East Palace Garden re-creates Korea's first zoo and botanical garden in the image of a modern Donggung Palace and Woliji Pond. The garden is comprised of botanical garden, agricultural experience facility and Bird Park. In particular, the greenhouses in the botanical garden are built with the design of traditional building from the Silla period but are made entirely of glass, providing this garden with a unique atmosphere.

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Operating Hours
    (* Last admission one hour before closing.)

    Admission Fees
    [Intergrated Ticket (Botanical Garden + Bird Park)]
    Adults (ages 19-64): Individuals 18,000 won / Groups 14,000 won
    Teenagers (ages 13-18): Individuals 16,000 won / Groups 12,000 won
    Children (ages 7-12): Individuals 12,000 won / Groups 9,000 won

    [Botanical Garden]
    Adults (ages 19-64): Individuals 4,000 won / Groups 3,000 won
    Teenagers (ages 13-18): Individuals 3,000 won / Groups 2,000 won
    Children (ages 7-12): Individuals 2,000 won / Groups 1,000 won
    Babies (ages 3-Preschoolers): Free

    [Bird Park]
    Adults (ages 19-64): Individuals 17,000 won / Groups 14,000 won
    Teenagers (ages 13-18): Individuals 15,000 won / Groups 12,000 won
    Children (ages 7-12): Individuals 11,000 won / Groups 9,000 won
    Babies (ages 3-Preschoolers): Individuals 9,000 won / Groups 7,000 won

    * Free admission to Botanical Garden & Children's Fare applicable: Seniors (ages 65 or more), people with disabilities (proof required)
    * Group: 30 people or more

    Available Facilities
    Main facilities: East Palace Botanical Garden, agricultural experience facility, Gyeongju Bird Park
    Convenience facilities: Music fountain, grass field, coffee shop, gift shop

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