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Seorae Village (서래마을)

  • Seorae Village (서래마을)
  • Seorae Village (서래마을)
  • Seorae Village (서래마을)
  • Seorae Village (서래마을)
  • Seorae Village (서래마을)
Seorae Village Cafe Street, Seorae-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 서초구 서래로 (반포동) 서래마을 카페거리
  • Information
    Seorae Village is located in between Banpo 4-dong and Bangbaebun-dong in Seochu-gu, Seoul. Past the Banpo Bridge of Sapyeong-ro road and Palace Hotel along Seorae-ro road will lead to a neighborhood of luxurious villas.

    Seorae Village took its form as a French neighborhood when French residents began to move in with the establishment of Ecole Francaise de Seoul, a school for French residents in Korea, within the area in 1985. According to 2008 census, about half of the total 1,000 French citizens residing in Korea were registered to be living in Seora Village. The area naturally became a global neighborhood as many international residents moved into Seorae Village much thanks to the strong presence of French residents. In addition to its convenient access located near Gangnam and the central district area, Seorae Village serves as a pleasant environment space for all with the Hanagang River Park and Yangjae Stream nearby.

    Many shops and restaurants in Seorae Village are small in size and rather charming, resembling those in Europe. A bakery that makes traditional French baguettes using ingredients directly imported from France can be found here. In recent years, Seorae Village has undergone several changes, gaining much attention as one of the most modern and fancy regions found in Seoul.

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