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Typhoon Observatory (태풍전망대)

  • Typhoon Observatory (태풍전망대)
  • Typhoon Observatory (태풍전망대)

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* Individual visitors must bring their ID card and groups of 25 people must send a fax 7 days before visiting after downloading the application form from Yeoncheon-gun Cultural Tourism website.
(* Fax: +82-31-839-2486)
464, Gunjung-ro 890beon-gil, Jung-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 연천군 중면 군중로890번길 464
Architectural & Sculptural Highlights
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  • Information
    Typhoon Observatory was built on December 3, 1991 by Invincible Typhoon Korean Army. The observatory is situated on the highest peak, Suribong Peak, in Bikkisan Mountain. It is located 65km and 140 km from Seoul and Pyeongyang respectively. It is famous in that the location is the closest to the Military Demarcation Line, being only 800m and 1,600m away from the MDL and North Korean checkpoint respectively.

    The observatory houses a christian church, catholic church, statue of the Virgin Mary, buddhist sanctum, belfry and other facilities where soldiers are able to participate in religious ceremonies. Also, Manghyangbi Monument for displaced person, Monument for Korean War, and Boy’s Tank Corps Memorial can be seen in the area. The Exhibition Hall presents daily necessities collected from Pilseunggyo Bridge of Imjingang in North Korea and some detection equipment that armed espionage agents used when they did infiltration after the ceasefire.


    Operating Hours
    Admission hours: 09:00-16:00

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees

    Available Facilities
    Observation deck, memorials, religious services, etc.


    Korean Info. Service

    Reservation Info. for Natives
    1. Individual visitor (under 25 people)
    They must bring their ID card on the day of visit. (Passport and driver’s license accepted)
    * Admission prohibited without an ID card (Exception: children and teenagers can enter when accompanied by adults)

    2. Group of 25 people or more
    Visitors must send a fax 7 days before visiting after filling out an application form from the website.
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