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Manhae Village (만해마을)

  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)
  • Manhae Village (만해마을)

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91, Manhae-ro, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 인제군 북면 만해로 91 (북면)
Old Houses/ Birth houses/Folk Villages
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• For more info: +82-33-462-2303
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  • Information
    The Manhae Village was estabished as a training center, in memory of the national activist Manhae Han Yongun, revered for his literary and philosophical inspiration to the people. The property is organized into five buildings including the Manhae Literature Museum and the House of the Literary Man. This facility has a lodging capacity for up to 400 trainees or guests in 47 rooms. A number of other facilities complete this training institution including the School of Manhae which accommodates up to 250, the former debate venue of Simujang temple and Seowon Bojeon Hall for hands-on experience and practices. Reservations are open to private and group guests by phone and the internet. Nearby tourist destinations include the Manhae Village, Mt. Seoraksan National Park and Naerincheon rafting area among others.


    Operating Hours
    [Manhae Literature Museum]
    * Closed on New Year’s Day, the Day of Seollal (Lunar New Year’s Day) & Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) and every Monday

    Check-in 15:00-23:00
    Check-out 11:00 (next day)

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees
    [Manhae Literature Museum]
    Free admission
    * Inquiry for other facility: +82-33-462-2303

    Available Facilities
    [Manhae Literature Museum]
    - Museum: The chorological and thematic exhibition space of the biography of Manhae - Exhibition: Drawing, photo, poem and pictures, craft, etc.
    - Planned exhibition of invited-literature, seminar room

    - House of writers: Writing space for writers / 45 rooms for individuals, and groups (up to 150 people)
    - Geumgang Hall: Group event, intensive study, etc. / Ondol room (20 rooms / room for 4-5 people / room for 8-10 people)
    - Seollak Hall: Group MT, training, etc. / Ondol room (33 rooms / room for 5-6 people)

    - Munin Hall / Seorak Hall / Geumgang Grand Ballroom

    [Other facility]
    - Seowonbojeon: Temple to commemorate the spirit of Manhae’s Buddhism
    - Book café, Silence Square (outdoor theater), Silence walkway, playground (multi-purpose ground)

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