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Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))

  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
  • Taeeulam Temple (Taean) (태을암(태안))
San 42, Dongmun-ri, Taean-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 태안군 태안읍 원이로 78-132
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    Taeeulam Temple is well-known for Taean's Rock-carved Standing Buddha Triad, designated as National Treasure No. 307. Located in the nearby area is Rock-carved Buddha Triad in Yonghyeon-ri, Seosan, featuring a bright smile, called ‘Baekje’s smile’. In comparison to this statue, Taean’s Rock-carved Standing Buddha Triad has a more familiar and simple smile. In addition, Taean’s Budda Triad has a unique formation with a smaller Bodhisattva figure set in the middle with two Buddha statues on the sides, being different from a typical triad which usually features a main Buddha in the middle surrounded by two Hyeopsi Bosal (Buddhist saint) on the sides. The triad in Taean used to be a local treasure but it was redesignated as a National Treasure after consideration of the fact that the carving style seemed older and more valuable than the triad in Seosan.

    Taeeulam Temple is located on the Western coast, providing opportunities to interact with China and Chinese culture but this also allowed for frequent appearances of Japanase raiders. With this geographical background, Taean was able to accept Chinese precedent culture earlier than other areas and established excellent Buddhist cultural relics such as Rock-carved Standing Triad in Taean before other areas.

    Even now, the triad can be seen in Taeeulam Temple, reminding of the period during the Baekje Dynasty in which Chinese culture was brought over through the Western Sea and the ancestor’s wisdom to protect the national against Japanese raiders by Buddha’s power.


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