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Bugok Hot Springs Special Tourist Zone (부곡온천 관광특구)

  • Bugok Hot Springs Special Tourist Zone (부곡온천 관광특구)
Geomun-ri, Bugok-myeon, Changryeung-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 창녕군 부곡면 온천중앙로 77
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  • Information
    The hot springs at Bugok have been called such because the land resembles the shape of a cauldron (the hanja characters of bu and gok refer to “cauldron” and “valley” respectively). When the spring was first discovered, people with skin ailments came in droves because of the water’s healing properties.

    Bugok Spring maintains the best water temperature, 78℃. In the Bugok Hot Spring Special Tourist Zone, varied resting facilities like hotels, condos, a golf course, hot spring fountain and other facilities based on hot springs are available. Nearby attractions include Hwawangsan Mountain, famous for azalea, and Changnyeong Upo Wetland, making this area perfect for various travel plans.

    [Bugok Hot Springs Special Tourist Zone]
    Areas covered: Geomun-ri, Sachang-ri and Bugok-ri, Bugok-myeon, Changnyeong-gun,Gyeongsangnam-do
    Area size: 4,819,000㎡
    Designated day: January 18, 1997


    Current Status
    Designated as a special tourist zone on January 18, 1997

    Activity Information
    Hanul Park footbath site: Weekends & National Holidays 13:00-19:00 (Not operated July-August)
    Small Park footbath site: Saturdays & National Holidays 13:00-18:00 (Not operated July-August)

    Parking Facilities
    Public parking lot available

    Available Facilities
    Tourist Information Center, tourist restaurant, hot spring, accommodations, public footbath site, etc.

    Interpretation Services Offered
    Travel information is posted on the Changnyeong Cultural Tourism website (English, Chinese and Japanese). Multilingual travel brochures are available at information centers and at Oncheonjang hot springs.

    Pets are allowed in the tourist sites except the Oncheonjang hot springs.

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