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Daewonsagyegok Valley (대원사계곡)

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Pyeongchonyupyeong-ro, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경남 산청군 삼장면 평촌유평로
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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    The water flowing in the nearly 12 kilometer-long Daewonsagyegok Valley originates from the highest peak of Jirisan Mountain called Cheonwangbong Peak, as well as from Jungbong Peak, Habong Peak, Ssukbatjae, Saejae, Wangdeungjae, Bammeorijae, and Ungseokbong Peak. Before reaching the valley, the water joins the currents from Sinbatgol, Jogaegol, and Bambatgol. The volume of water increases as it passes Saejae and Oegok Village and reaches Yupyeong-ri where Daewonsa Temple is located. The incessant sound of running water fills the silence of the forest as if Buddhist nuns were chanting blessings.

    In the past, the valley was not easily accessible because there were no paved roads or trail. However, now there is a paved road all the way up to the upper streams where Saejae Village is located, making it easy for anyone to visit the area. The road to Saejae Village is flanked by apple trees that produce the famous Jirisan Yupyeong Apples. The lush green trees swaying in the breeze provide shade from the summer heat while the sight of fall foliage in its full grandeur provides wonderful scenery.

    Current Status
    [Daewonsa Temple] Traditional Temple No. 81 (designated on September 8, 1988)
    [Multi-story Stone Pagoda of Daewonsa Temple] Treasure No. 1112 (designated on January 15, 1992)
    [Sinjungdo (Buddhist Deities Painting) of Daewonsa Temple] Gyeongsangnam-do Tangible Cultural Asset No. 361 (designated on February 22, 2001)
    [Ganghuisinsamyeong Banja of Daewonsa Temple] Gyeongsangnam-do Tangible Cultural Asset No. 362 (designated on February 22, 2001)
    [Daewonsa Temple Area] Gyeongsangnam-do Monument No. 114 (designated on December 23, 1991)

    Tour Course Information
    Daewonsa Temple, Seonyeotang Pool, Sesandae Cliff, Ongnyeotang Pool


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