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Kwangchi Recreational Forest (광치자연휴양림)

  • Kwangchi Recreational Forest (광치자연휴양림)
  • Kwangchi Recreational Forest (광치자연휴양림)
  • Kwangchi Recreational Forest (광치자연휴양림)
  • Kwangchi Recreational Forest (광치자연휴양림)
  • Kwangchi Recreational Forest (광치자연휴양림)
5-2 and 21, Gaojak-ri, Nam-myeon, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 양구군 남면 광치령로1794번길 265 (남면)
Recreational Forests/ Arboretums
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  • Information
    Gwangchiryeong Pass (altitude 800 meters) encompasses a waterfall and valley along a dense forest. Gwangchi Tunnel connects the area to Yanggu, Wontong in Inje for travelers headed to the East Sea. Due to its incredible scenery any season of the year, Kwangchi Recreational Forest was found for the benefit of travelers, offering a recreational area for residents and to support the local economy through tourism.


    Opening date
    June 7, 2006

    Operating Hours
    [Accommodation] Check-in day 14:00-12:00 (next day)

    Maximum Occupancy
    Up to 488 people, accommodations: 120 people, day visitor: 450 people

    Parking Facilities
    * 09:00-12:00 (next day)

    Admission Fees
    Adults 2,000 won / Teenagers 1,500 won / Children 1,000 won

    Adults 1,500 won / Teenagers 1,000 won / Children 500 won

    * Group rate applies to 30 people or more.

    Available Facilities
    Forest Culture Hall, Forest Cabin, walking path, hiking path

    Facility Utilization Fees
    [Forest Culture Hall]
    40,000-60,000 won

    [Forest Cabin]
    Peak season 55,000-140,000 won
    Off season 40,000-110,000 won

    [Forest Experience Center]
    Peak season 13,000-15,000 won
    Off season 10,000-13,000 won


    Parking Fees
    [Peak Season (July 1-August 31) & weekends and holidays]
    Light-weight car 2,000 won
    Small-sized car 3,000 won
    Middle-sized car 4,000 won
    Large-sized car 5,000 won

    [Off-season (September 1-June 30) & weekdays]
    Light-weight car 1,500 won
    Small-sized car 2,000 won
    Middle-sized car 3,000 won
    Large-sized car 4,000 won

    Reservation Info. for Natives
    Online reservation

    Not permitted

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