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Deokcheonseowon Confucian Academy (덕천서원)

  • 전북 무주군_덕천서원
  • 전북 무주군_덕천서원
  • 전북 무주군_덕천서원
  • 전북 무주군_덕천서원
  • 전북 무주군_덕천서원
  • 전북 무주군_덕천서원
18-5, Inam 3-gil, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 무주군 설천면 이남3길 18-5
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    Deokcheonseowon Confucian Academy, originally called Yucheonsa, was built in front of Gusan Village in Dugil-ri in 1919. The Confucian academy was moved to Inam Village in Socheon-ri in 1982, and was finally moved to its current site and renamed "Deokcheonseowon." Within the building is a shrine called Deokcheonsa, which has memorial stones that have been carefully placed inside.

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