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Yongyudo Island (용유도)

  • Yongyudo Island (용유도)
  • Yongyudo Island (용유도)
  • Yongyudo Island (용유도)

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Eurwang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천 중구 을왕동
Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands
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    With 48.2-㎞ long coastline and a total area of 13.603㎢, Yongyudo Island is located near other islands such as Sinbuldo Island, Sammokdo Island, Yeongjongdo Island, Daemuuido Island, Jangbongdo Island, Modo Island, Sido Island, and Sindo Island. Yongyudo Island and Yeongjongdo Island were once connected by a bridge. The two islands were joined as one when Incheon International Airport was constructed on a reclaimed land between these two.

    Attractions on Yongyudo Island include Eulwangni Beach, Wangsan Beach, Seonnyeobawi Beach, Geojampo (a peaceful fishing port offering great views of the the sunrise and sunset), and Masian Beach (famous for its red, glowing evening sky). In early August, the island holds a variety of events such as a sea festival, fishing contests and shellfish harvesting, making it an ideal place for nature exploration.

    Because of its proximity to the airport, the area resembles a resort complex due to the availability of various accommodation facilities such as a floating hotel, casino, and a golf course.

    The nearby Muuido Island has a couple of beaches, hiking trails and fishing spots. Hanagae Beach is famous for its white sand and row of bungalows painted in strong primary colors. The beach is just a 10-minute car ride from Saemkkumi Ferry Dock. Another beach on Muuido is Keunmuri Beach. This clean, sandy beach stretches out beautifully against the backdrop of a dense pine trees forest.

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