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Seoul Gyeonggyojang House(서울 경교장)

  •  Seoul Gyeonggyojang House(서울 경교장)
  •  Seoul Gyeonggyojang House(서울 경교장)
  •  Seoul Gyeonggyojang House(서울 경교장)
  •  Seoul Gyeonggyojang House(서울 경교장)
  •  Seoul Gyeonggyojang House(서울 경교장)

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29, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 새문안로 29 (평동)
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    Gyeonggyojang House is located in Pyeong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. It is regarded as a historic site, and used to be an office and place of residence until Baekbeom Kim Koo, a leading figure during the Korean provisional government, was assassinated on June 26, 1949.

    He had previously returned from China in November, 1945. The house is one of three locations where activities critical to the foundation of a democratic government took place, prior to the government’s establishment (the other two are Lee Seungman's Ihwajang House and Kim Gyusik's Samcheongjang House).

    Choe Changhak, who gained money from a gold mine, built the Japanese-style Gyeonggyojang House covering a ground area of 5,237 ㎡ (1,584 pyeong) and a total floor area of 876 ㎡ (265 pyeong) from Basement Level 1 to Ground Floor 2 in 1938. Choe Changhak offered the house to Kim Koo as a place of residence at the time of Korean Independence on August 15.

    Its original name was Jukcheomjang, a Japanese name, and Kim Koo changed it to its current name, which derives from a nearby bridge. The Gyeonggyojang House has been owned by Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center (Formerly Goryeo Hospital) since 1968.

    Current Status
    [Seoul Gyeonggyojang House] Historic Site No. 465 (Designated on June 13, 2005)

    Every Mondays

    Operating Hours
    09:00-18:00 (*Last admission is 30 minutes before closing)

    Admission Fees


    Facilities for the Handicapped

    Korean Info. Service

    Interpretation Services Offered
    Not available

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