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Geumsusan Mountain (금수산)

  • Geumsusan Mountain (금수산)
  • Geumsusan Mountain (금수산)
  • Geumsusan Mountain (금수산)
  • Geumsusan Mountain (금수산)
  • Geumsusan Mountain (금수산)
210, Sanghak 1-gil, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 단양군 적성면 상학1길 210 (적성면)
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    Geumsusan Mountain (altitude: 1,1015m) is located in Jeokseong-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. The mountain is also known as Minyeobong (beauty peak) because the mountain range, when seen from afar, is said to resemble a beautiful woman lying on her side. The mountain was originally called Baegamsan, but the noted Joseon-period scholar Yi Hwang (pen name, Toegye) renamed the mountain Geumsusan (silk embroidery mountain) when he was the chief governor of Danyang County, saying its graceful features matched the fineness of silk embroidery.

    Geumsusan Mountain is considered as one of the “Eight Scenic Views of Danyang” with visitors flocking all year round to enjoy the scenic mountain landscapes carpeted with royal azalea blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, foliage in autumn, and snow in winter. In the vicinity is a seaside filming location of Korean historical dramas. The Geumsusan Mountain Gamgol Maple Festival is held in this area every October.


    Mountain Not Access Period
    16 February to 11 November

    *Subject to change depending on the weather conditions. Please, check the homepage before your visit.

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    ● Jireupjae (지릅재) - Mapaebong Peak (마패봉)
    ● Haneuljae Pass (하늘재) - Poamsan (포암산) - Mansubong Samgeori (만수봉삼거리)
    ● Mapaebong Samgeori (마패봉삼거리) - Bubong Peak (부봉) - Haneuljae Pass (하늘재)
    ● Bodeogam Hermitage (보덕암) - Bodeogam Samgeori (보덕암삼거리)

    Areas Open to the Public
    ● Songgye-ri (송계리) - Songgye Samgeori (송계삼거리)
    ● Deokjusa Temple (덕주사) - Yeongbong Peak (영봉)
    ● Mansugyo Bridge (만수교) - Mansubong Peak (만수봉) - Mansugyo Bridge (만수교)
    ● Sangseonam Rock (상선암) - Jebong Peak (제봉) - Doraksan Mountain (도락산)
    ● Sangcheon-ri (상천리) - Geumsusan Mountain (금수산) - Sang-ri (상리)
    ● Janghoe-ri (장회리) - Jebibong Peak (제비봉) - Eoreumgol Valley (어름골)
    ● Gyeranjae (계란재) - Gudambong Peak (구담봉) - Oksunbong Peak (옥순봉)
    ● Moehakdong (뫼학동) - Bukbawisan Mountain (북바위산) - Mullebanga (물레방아)
    ● Sangseonam (상선암) - Chaeunbong Peak (채운봉) - Doraksan Samgeori (도락산삼거리)
    ● Mireung-ri (미륵리) - Haneuljae Pass (하늘재)
    ● Geumsusan Samgeori (금수산삼거리) - Sanghak Village (상학마을)
    ● Silleuksa Temple (신륵사) - Silleuksa Samgeori (신륵사삼거리)
    ● Naegunggi Village (내궁기마을) - Naegunggi Samgeori (내궁기삼거리)

    Hiking Course
    ▲ Dongchanggyo Bridge (동창교) → Yeongbong Peak (영봉) → Silleuksa Temple (신륵사) (8.8km, 5hrs)
    ▲ Deokju Valley (덕주계곡) → Yeongbong Peak (영봉) → Jungbong Peak (중봉) → Habong Peak (하봉) → Susan-ri (수산리) (9km, 8hrs)
    ▲ Deokju Valley (덕주계곡) → Yeongbong Peak (영봉) → Dongchanggyo Bridge (동창교) (10.2km, 6hrs)
    ▲ Mansugyo Bridge (만수교) → Mansubong Peak (만수봉) → Mansugyo Bridge (만수교) (7.2km, 4hrs)
    ▲ Sangseonam Rock (상선암) → Doraksan Mountain (도락산) → Sangseonam Rock (상선암) (5km, 4hrs)
    ▲ Janghoe (장회) → Jebibong Peak (제비봉) → Eoreumgol Valley 어름골 (3km, 3hrs)
    ▲ Gyeranjae (계란재) → Gudambong Peak (구담봉) → Oksunbong Peak (옥순봉) (2.6km, 2hrs)
    ▲ Mireung-ri (미륵리) → Haneuljae Pass (하늘재) → Poamsan Mountain (포암산) → Mansubong Peak (만수봉) (7.3km, 5hrs)
    ▲ Moeakdong (뫼악동) → Bukbawisan Mountain (북바위산) → Mullebanga (물레방아) (4.5km, 3hrs 30min)
    ▲ Sangcheon-ri (상천리) → Geumsusan Mountain (금수산) → Sang-ri (상리) (2.4km, 5hrs)

    Night-time Hike Restriction Notice
    Hiking at night is prohibited (From sunset to 2 hours before sunrise).
    1) Wolaksan Mountain - Yeongbong Peak, Doraksan Mountain, Geumsusan Mountain: From 14:00~
    2) Mansubong Peak, Bukbawisan Mountain, Jebibong Peak, Mapaebong Peak: From 15:00~

    Local Tourism Information Bureau

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