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  • - SK Telecom (티움 - SK 텔레콤 홍보관)
  • - SK Telecom (티움 - SK 텔레콤 홍보관)
  • - SK Telecom (티움 - SK 텔레콤 홍보관)
* Closed for facility maintenance and renovation of a new contents plan
- Period: July 2015 – December 2016
65, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 을지로 65 (을지로2가) SK T-타워
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    Introduction is a venue to experience the future of mobile communications. The name comes from the word for “sprout” in Korean and refers to this innovative space from SK Telecom, where the future sprouts with the company’s advanced technology. Visitors are offered a chance to actively take part in and enjoy the cutting-edge IT environment with an interactive 4D experience. While corporate exhibition halls are conventionally limited to one-sideded information delivery or function-oriented experiences, breaks from these standards by presenting a futuristic vision of the mobile communications industry that converges around IT technology. The venue provides the pleasure of virtually experiencing the ubiquitous world of the future for consumers and the collaborative possibilities for business partners.


    Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and the last friday of every month

    Around 1 hour

    Activity Information
    Service Showcase → U. Fashion → U. Media → U. Home → U. Entertainment → U Driving → U. Shopping
    * Experience available following the guide

    Age Limit for Activities
    Preschoolers are not permitted enter the venue. Middle school and elementary students must be accompanien by one adult each in order to enter the venue.

    Operating Hours
    Monday-Friday 09:00~18:00

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees

    Available Facilities
    2 storied Experience hall (1,690㎡)


    Korean Info. Service

    Interpretation Services Offered
    Available in English, Japanese, Chinese

    Reservation Info. for Natives
    Reservation must be made at least 2 weeks before the planned day
    * Tour times: 09:30, 14:00, 16:00

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