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Geumgang River (금강)

  • Geumgang River (금강)
  • Geumgang River (금강)
  • Geumgang River (금강)
  • Geumgang River (금강)
  • Geumgang River (금강)
  • Geumgang River (금강)
  • Geumgang River (금강)
Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do ~ Gunsanman Bay
전라북도 장수군 천천면 오리골길
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    Geumgang River is one of Korea’s four major rivers (Hangang River, Geumgang River, Nakdonggang River, Yeongsangang River). It starts from Jangsu-eup, North Jeolla-do. It flows northward and then changes direction in the vicinity of Greater Daejon and flows southwest through South Chungcheong-do before emptying into the Yellow Sea near Gunsan City.

    The total area of the Geumgang River Basin is 9,885 square kilometers with a length of 401 kilometers, making it the third longest in South Korea (right behind Hangang River and Nakdonggang River). The upstream of the river flows through the rugged mountains of Deogyusan (1,594 meters; also the root of Geumgang River) and Baegunsan (1,279 meters) Mountains.

    The midstream and downstream areas feature basins and fertile alluvial plains, so they were one of the first settlements in Korea and the origin of the Baekje culture. The estuary in the downstream area is wide and deep due to the continuous sinking of the West shore, so it offers favorable conditions for a river port and an inland water conveyance system.

    Geumgang River has supplied water for the Honam (Jeolla-do) Field and served as Baekje Dynasty's main source of water, running through the capital city then. It was an important means of transportation that allowed Baekje's culture to flow into Japan.


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