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Deokgu Valley (덕구계곡)

  • Deokgu Valley (덕구계곡)
  • Deokgu Valley (덕구계곡)
  • Deokgu Valley (덕구계곡)
  • Deokgu Valley (덕구계곡)
  • Deokgu Valley (덕구계곡)

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905, Deokguoncheon-gil, Buk-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경북 울진군 북면 덕구온천로 905 일원
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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    Situated at the foot of Maebongsan Mountain at the border between Samcheok and Uljin, Deokgu Valley is one of the two major valleys of Uljin along with Buryeong Valley. The Yongsopokpo Waterfall and Madangso Pond are considered the most beautiful scenic spots, and other smaller waterfalls and ponds like the Hyeongjepokpo Waterfall, Seonnyeotang Pond, Ongnyudae, and Mureungpokpo Waterfall are other great natural sights to visit. The valley waters offer a habitat for minnows and other small species of fish that are only found in the cleanest of waters.

    The biggest attraction of Deokgu Valley are the 12 small bridges throughout the valley. These bridges replicate the world’s most famous bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge in the U.S., the Normandie Bridge in France, Harbor Bridge in Australia, the Trinity Foot Bridge in England, and Seogangdaegyo Bridge in Korea. Also, the source of the Deokgu Hot Spring, which is famous for being the only hot spring in Korea to use natural effluents of hot spring water, is in the upper stream of Deokgu Valley. Nearby tourist attractions include Nagok Beach, Gusan Beach, Buryeong Valley, and the Gusugok Recreational Forest. In particular, the Wolgyehak Maeul Village in Uljin is famous for clouds of migratory birds that blanket the sky in the morning and evening.


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