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Homigot Lighthouse (호미곶 등대)

  • Homigot Lighthouse (호미곶 등대)
  • Homigot Lighthouse (호미곶 등대)
  • Homigot Lighthouse (호미곶 등대)
99, Homigot-gil, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 포항시 남구 호미곶면 호미곶길 99 (호미곶면)
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  • Information
    The Homigot Lighthouse was built using bricks in a modern architectural style. This octagonal, six-story building is 26.4 meters high. The entrance and windows feature gable decorations, which is a popular Greek Revival style. The ceiling is dome-shaped and the octagonal plane gets wider towards the bottom. The light of the lighthouse can reach as far as 35 kilometers away.

    Because the building was built using bricks only and no reinforcing rods, it is recognized for its use of outstanding architectural technique. The ceiling on each floor is sculpted in the shape of pear blossoms, a symbol of the Joseon royalty. This adds to the lighthouse’s considerable value as a cultural asset. Next to the lighthouse is the National Lighthouse Museum.

    Current Status
    Gyeongsangbuk-do Monument No. 39 (designated on August 4, 1982)

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