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Hwangji Pond (황지연못)

  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)
  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)
  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)
  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)
  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)
  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)
  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)
  • Hwangji Pond (황지연못)

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Inside Hwangji Park, Hwangji-dong, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 태백시 황지연못길 (황지동)
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    Hwangji Pond is a source of the Nakdonggang River (525km), the longest river in Korea. The pond is an important joint of underground water flow through the valleys of Taebaeksan, Hambaeksan, Baekbyeongsan and Maebongsan, the mountains surrounding the city of Taebaek. There are three sections of the pond: Sangji (high pond), 100m in diameter, Jungji (middle pond), 50m in diameter and Haji (low pond), 30m in diameter. Although it is small in size, the pond supplies 5,000 tons of water a day that flows to the open Yeongnampyeongya Plain. Being located at the center of Taebaek-si, Hwangji Pond is a popular destination for the citizens of Taebaek for cultural and recreational purposes. The night view of the pond is also beautiful, which makes it a perfect place for a couple’s night out. The water is very clean and lenoks can be found here, which only live in high quality water.


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