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Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)

  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Chuncheon Mulgil-ro (춘천물레길)
  • Address 113-1, Sports town-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
    강원도 춘천시 스포츠타운길 113-1
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  • Information
    The Mullegil Trail is designed to guide tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the waterway in Chuncheon, a lake city. The Mullegil Trail also offers tourists an opportunity to travel around Chuncheon’s lake and river by canoe. With basic instructions, people of all ages can go canoeing easily. Many companies provide diverse canoeing courses, and their common course starts from the Chuncheon Songam Sports Town, continues to canoe toward the Uiamho Lake Skywalk, and returns. Tourists can enjoy canoeing along the Chuncheon Mullegil Trail and use the King Canoe Quay, which is equipped with a facility for the vulnerable people on tourism. Selected as an open tourist attraction, the King Canoe Quay provides canoeing programs for people in wheelchairs and the visually impaired.

    Opening date
    July 1, 2011

    It varies by company.

    Around 1 hr and 30 min

    Tour Course Information
    Sky walk road / Mulpulsup Path in Bungeoseom Island / Saetgil Path in Jungdo Island

    Film Locations
    Filming location for the Korean TV programs Korean Cuisine and Dining, and Kim Young Chul’s Neighborhood

    Activity Information
    Mullegil Basic Canoe Tour, Mullegil Healing Canoe Tour, Group Recreation Canoeing, Free Canoeing (rental service), Intermediate Canoeing, Canoe Mini Museum, Mullegil Good Bike, and Songam Sports Facility

    Age Limit for Activities
    People aged 5 or more

    Activity Dates

    Operating Hours
    Weekdays 9:00–17:00, Weekends 8:00–18:00

    Maximum Occupancy
    It varies by company.

    Parking Facilities
    Available(100 vehicles, in front of Ice Arena of Songam Sports Town)

    Activity Fees
    It varies by company.

    Parking Fees
    Free of charge


    Reservation Info. for Natives
    Homepage and telephone reservation

    Not allowed(Only an assistance dog is allowed.)

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