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Naebyeonsan Mountain (내변산)

  • Naebyeonsan Mountain (내변산)
  • Naebyeonsan Mountain (내변산)
  • Naebyeonsan Mountain (내변산)
  • Naebyeonsan Mountain (내변산)
Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전북 부안군 변산면 , 진서면, 상서면, 하서면
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  • Information
    The Byeonsanbando Peninsula has a shoreline that stretches 99 kilometers, protruding into the west sea in Jeollabuk-do, with the Saemangeum, the world’s longest man-made sea barrier, to the north and Gomsoman Bay at its south shore. The peninsula is part of Byeonsanbando National Park, which is widely known for its natural beauty. Its interior mountain range is known as Naebyeonsan Mountain (Inner Byeonsan Mountain.) while the outer region near the sea is known as Oebyeonsan Mountain (Outer Byeonsan Mountain).

    The center of Mountain Naebyeonsan includes the highest peak of Byeonsanbando peninsula, Uisangbong Peak (509 meters) and Nakjodae (Sunset Viewpoint), Wolmyeongam Hermitage, Bongnaegugok Valley as well as Jiksopokpo Waterfall. The surrounding mountains and valleys of Mt. Byeonsan are not particularly high, standing at an altitude of around 500-600 meters, but the magnificent formation of mountains and valleys as well as the breathtaking view of the sunset from Nakjodae make it a must-see sight.


    Mountain Not Access Period
    Seasonal Forest Fire Watches
    Spring: March 2-April 30
    Autumn: November 1-December 15
    * Periods and areas are subject to change based on fire weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions.

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    Refer to the website.

    Areas Open to the Public
    * Wonam 원암 ~ Namyeochi 남여치 (7.8km)
    * Naesosa Temple 내소사 ~ Jaebaegi Pass 재백이고개 (2.1km)
    * Sajadong 사자동 ~ Bongnaegok Three-way Intersection 봉래곡삼거리 (1.4km)
    * Gyeokpo 격포 ~ Dalgibong Peak 닭이봉 (0.8km)
    * Naesosa Temple 내소사~ Gwaneumbong Peak 관음봉 ~ Sebong Peak 세봉 ~ Iljumun 일주문 (4.0km)
    * Gaeamsa Temple 개암사 ~ Ugeumam 우금암 ~ Manseokdong 만석동 (5.3km)
    * Gosapo 고사포 ~ Jungmak 죽막 (2.9km)

    Hiking Course
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