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Choamsa Temple (초암사)

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330, Jukgye-ro 315beon-gil, Sunheung-myeon, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 영주시 순흥면 죽계로315번길 330 (순흥면)
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    In search of a great place to build a Buddhist Temple invoking national security, Great Monk Uisang travelled around the country and reached this place. He built a small thatched hut here for a temporary stay and continued his search. Finally, he found a perfect place and built Buseoksa Temple. He also set up another temple in the site where his small thatched hut was and called it Choamsa Temple. Choamsa Temple is located below the valley in the south of Gungmangbong Peak of Sobaeksan Mountain. After the Korean War, the temple building had to be rebuilt, but it managed to preserve some of Provincial Tangible Cultural Asset including Samcheung Seoktap (a three-storied stone pagoda; Tangible Cultural Property 126), Dongbudo (East Stupa; Tangible Cultural Property 128) and Seobudo (West Stupa; Tangible Cultural Property 129).

    * Jukgyegugok Valley
    The valley stretching from Baejeom-ni to Choamsa Temple is called Jukgyegugok which Sobaeksan Mountain surrounds like a folding screen. Near the valley, one can find famous tourist attractions such as the Sosuseowon Confucian Academy and Buseoksa Temple. Toegye Yi Hwang came up with the name Jukgyegugok inspired by the fantastic scenery of the valley and the beautiful sound of the flowing water.


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    Hiking Course
    * Baejeom-ri - Jukgye Valley - Choamsa Temple - Seongnyunamgol Village - Gungmangbong Peak - Birobong Peak

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