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Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)

  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)
  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)
  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)
  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)
  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)
  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)
  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)
  • Gangjin Dawon (전남 강진다원)

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93-25, Baegun-ro, Seongjeon-myeon, Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 강진군 성전면 백운로 93-25 (성전면)
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    Gangjin Dawon is beautiful landscape of green tea fields located at the southern foot of Wolchulsan Mountain in Jeollanam-do. The area’s big temperature difference between day and night and the air thick with fog provide ideal conditions for tea cultivation. The tea cultivated in Gangjin Dawon has a strong scent and rarely tastes bitter. Gangjin Dawon is the home of the nation’s first green tea product “Baegunokpancha” that was produced up until the independence of Korea in 1945. Since 1980, an extensive area of mountainous territory has been cultivated for green tea production to become the more than 80 acres of green tea fields that it is today. As Gangjin Dawon is relatively lesser known than the green tea fields in Boseong, visitors can enjoy a leisurely time surrounded by the vastness of the green tea fields. Nearby attractions include Baengnyeonsa Temple, the Birthplace of Yeongnang, Gangjin Goryeo Cheongja Doyoji (Goryeo celadon porcelain kiln site), and Dasan Chodang, which is the house where the famous scholar Dasan Jeong Yak-yong (1762-1836) lived during his exile.


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    Green Tea experience

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    Open from sunrise to sunset

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