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Naju Station (나주역)

  • Naju Station (나주역)
Jeollanam-do Naju-si Naju-ro 56
전라남도 나주시 나주역길 56 (송월동)
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  • Information
    Naju Station is a railway station on the Honam Line serving the Jeolla region. The station is located in Songwol-dong, Naju-si in South Jeolla Province. The old Naju Station located in Jungnim-dong was the starting point of the Gwangju Student Independence Movement in 1929 that began as a result of the conflicts between Korean and Japanese students who used to commute to Gwangju by train. This historically significant event had delayed the relocation of Naju Station. With the partial opening of the two-track Honam line on July 10, 2001, Naju Station was integrated with Yeongsanpo Station and moved to its current location in front of Naju City Hall. The facilities at the old Naju Station had been too old and the station building too small to sufficiently accommodate the number of passengers in the region, so it was the Yeongsanpo Station that used to cover the passenger demand. After the integration of the two stations, all regular trains on Honam Line, as well as some of the high-speed KTX trains stop at Naju Station.

    Hours of Operation
    06:00 - 24:00

    Parking Facilities


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