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Yakcheonsa Temple Stay (약천사 산사체험)

  • Yakcheonsa Temple Stay (약천사 산사체험)
293-28, Ieodo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 이어도로 293-28 (대포동)
Traditional&Cultural Experiences/ Temple Stays
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  • Information
    Yakcheonsa Temple, located in Daepo-dong, Seogwipo-si in Jeju Island, has a temple stay program offering an opportunity to look back on your life and experience traditional Buddhist culture. Upon joining the program, you may learn temple etiquette, take Yebul (Buddhist service), Chamseon (Zen meditation), Haengseong (walking meditation) and may also experience the life of a Buddhist practitioner.



    Activity Information

    * Temple Stay Program
    - Basic Program: learning about the temple and temple etiquette, yebul, the Buddhist ceremony, Chamseon (Zen meditation), walking meditation
    - Buddhist Practice Program: formal monastic meal, learning Buddhist doctrine, Buddhist practice, sutra copying practice, Jeonggeun prayer, striking a moktak (a wooden handbell), learning Buddhist music
    - Temple Culture Program: tea ceremony, seogak (wood blocks with engraved letters or painting), making a candle and a paper cup lantern, yoga
    - Experience Jeju Program: experiencing Jeju life, seasonal programs like picking mandarins and brackens, making dyes with natural materials, learning Jeju culture

    Toiletries, shower accessories, towel, a pen and a note, a cap should be prepared.
    Temple uniforms will be provided.

    Parking Facilities

    Activity Fees
    * Registration fee (2 days 1 night): (Adult) 30,000 won / (Youth) 20,000 won


    Reservation Info. for Foreigners
    Reserve on-line at
    Or contact Yakcheonsa Temple Office (+82-64-738-5000)

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