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Jirisan Dulle-gil Trail (지리산둘레길 트레킹)

  • Jirisan Dulle-gil Trail (지리산둘레길 트레킹)
  • Jirisan Dulle-gil Trail (지리산둘레길 트레킹)
  • Jirisan Dulle-gil Trail (지리산둘레길 트레킹)
  • Jirisan Dulle-gil Trail (지리산둘레길 트레킹)
  • Jirisan Dulle-gil Trail (지리산둘레길 트레킹)

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95, Inwol 2-gil, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 남원시 인월면 인월2길 95 (인월면)
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    Jirisan-gil is a 300-km walking trail connecting five cities (Namwon, Gurye, Handong, Sancheong, Hamyang) and spanning three provinces (Jeollabuk-do, Jeollanam-do, Gyeongsangnam-do). After discovering hidden or deserted paths linking woods, rivers, rice paddies and villages, Jirisan-gil was established to join the paths into one long walking trail.

    The Jirisan Dullegil runs along the periphery of Jirisan Mountain (1,915m). Comprised of 22 courses, the trail meanders through old villages and forests, and over the hills and along the rivers, thereby connecting nature and humans.

    Reviving those trails means reviving the history and culture of the villages of Jirisan. Take a slow walk on the path to meditate on the beauty and peacefulness of Jirisan and its surrounding villages.

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    Tourism Course
    Jucheon-Unbong Course  (13.05km, 6 hours / level of difficulty: high)    
    Unbong-eup → Old, Tree Nursery → Haengjeong Village → Hornbeam Forest → Gajang Village → Jilmijae → Deoksan Reservoir → Nochi Village → Hoedeok Village → Guryongchi → Soljeongja → Naesong Village → Jucheon-myeon

    Unbong-Inwol Course (9.7km, 3 hours / level of difficulty: high)  
    Unbong-eup → Seorim Park → Bukcheon Village → Singi Village → Bijeon Village → Gunhwa-dong →  Heungbugol Natural Recreation Forest → Wolpyeong Village → Inwol-myeon

    Inwol-Geumgye Course (16.72km, 6 hrs, 30min / level of difficulty: high)  
    Inwol-myeon → Junggun Village → Suseongdae → Baeneomijae → Janghang Village → Janghanggyo Bridge → Samsinam Samgeori (3-way intersection) → Deunggujae → Changwon Village → Geumgye Village

    Geumgye-Donggang Course (11.24km, 4 hrs, 50min / level of difficulty: high)  
    Geumgye Village → Uijung Village → Seoamjeongsa Temple → Byeoksongsa Temple → Byeoksongsa Ridge → Songdae Village → Sedong Village → Unseo Village → Gusirakjae → Donggang Village

    Donggang-Sucheol Course (10.98km, 5 hours / level of difficulty: high)  
    Donggang Village → Jeomchon Village → Banggok Village → Sangsa Falls → Ssangjae → Godongjae → Sucheol Village

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