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Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)

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  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)
  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)
  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)
  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)
  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)
  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)
  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)
  • Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크)

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50, Doin2-gil, Seongsu-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-63-643-2300,
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  • Information
    The Imsil Cheese Theme Park was established in 1958. At the time of the park’s origin, Imsil had no local specialty or unique color of its own; this changed when Ji Jeong-Hwan, a Belgium priest, came to town as a missionary. The town leader asked the priest to work for the general public, not just for Christians. After long thought and consideration, the priest opted for cheese production as a backbone industry for the town. The Imsil cheese industry, which started with a mere 2 mountain goats, has become a major industry in the town, even inspiring a theme park with its local flavor.

    At the Imsil Cheese Theme Park, you may encounter the past, present and future of Imsil Cheese through a wide variety of programs and events including the Cheese sampling center, show room, dairy product processing factory, and local specialty market. In the Cheese Science Lab, an R&D department makes a continuous effort to produce the highest quality cheeses. Against the backdrop of sprawling green pastures, the park offers a wide variety of events and activities inspired by locally produced fresh cheeses.

    +82-63-643-2300, +82-63-640-2311

    Activity Information
    Course A (Imsil N-Cheese Experience)]
    Imsil N-Cheese experience (Firsthand-cheese Take-out)

    Course B (Imsil N-Cheese: String cheese + Rice Pizza)]

    Course C (Imsil N-Cheese: pizza)
    Imsil N-Cheese (Firsthand-cheese Take-out) + Rice pizza (Sampling or Take-out)

    Course P (Premium Experience)
    Imsil N-Cheese (Firsthand Cheese Take-out) +Rice Pizza (Sampling or Take-out) + Making organic facial soup based on individual skin type (two bars of soup)

    Course S (Special Cheese Cooking)
    Cooking with Imsil N-Cheese (Swiss Fondue, Chicken Barbeque, Hanu Premium Pizza, Risotto, Canapé, etc.)

    Available Facilities
    Cheese Hall, Theme Hall, Park Hall, Milk Processing Factory, Imsil N-Cheese store, Cheese Science Lab, etc.

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