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Seongmoam Hermitage (Gimje) (성모암 (김제))

  • Seongmoam Hermitage (Gimje) (성모암 (김제))
  • Seongmoam Hermitage (Gimje) (성모암 (김제))
  • Seongmoam Hermitage (Gimje) (성모암 (김제))
  • Seongmoam Hermitage (Gimje) (성모암 (김제))
  • Seongmoam Hermitage (Gimje) (성모암 (김제))
54-9, Hwapo3-gil, Mangyeong-eup, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 김제시 만경읍 화포3길 54-9 (만경읍)
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    Seongmoam, a temple of the Jogye Order, is located on Yuangsan Mountain in Mangyeong-myeon, Gimje-si. The temple is the final resting place of the mother of Jinmuk Daesa, a great Buddhist monk from the Jeonbuk region. Jinmuk believed that a person’s love and respect for Buddha is not that much different from the love and respect one has for his or her parents. As an expression of this philosophy, Jinmuk had his mother’s remains enshrined at the temple after she died at Mujasoncheonnyeonhyanghwajiji.

    A neat little line of stone lamps leads visitors up from the parking lot to the temple grounds, revealing the well-attended grave of Jinmuk Daesa’s mother to the left. The temple is very unique in that it is the only one to house a caretaker’s office (Gosiraejoen Hall) that is responsible for maintaining the grave site.

    It is said that prayers made to Seongmo (the holy mother) while visiting the temple will come true. Throughout the entire year, throngs of people journey to the temple to pay their respects and earnestly ask the holy mother to grant them their deepest desires.


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