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Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))

  • Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))
  • Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))
  • Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))
  • Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))
  • Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))
  • Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))
  • Munsusa Temple (Gimje) (문수사 (김제))
158, Hwangsan 5-gil, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 김제시 황산5길 158 (황산동)
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    Munsusa Temple, located in Hwangsan-dong, Gimje-si, is a branch temple of Geumsansa Temple. The temple is located in the heart of nature atop Bonghwangsan Mountain (alt. 100m), which is surrounded by the seemingly endless Mangyeong Plains. The temple was built by the great monk Hyedeok Seonsa in the 25th year of King Mu of Baekje after he was visited in his dreams by Munsu Bosal (a Buddhist Saint). It was named ‘Munsu’ after ‘Munsugol,’ the original name of the neighborhood in which the temple is located.

    In front of the temple stands an ancient zelkova tree whose giant girth measures well over 5m. The tree, which is called ‘Gwimok’ (meaning ‘holy, miraculous tree’), was recently designated a specially protected tree and is now the focus of preservation efforts. Every Jan 14th (according to the Lunar calendar), the Gimje Local Government holds a sacred ritual for the tree while the temple holds a ritual to honor the mountain spirit.


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