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Nabawi Catholic Church (화산천주교회(나바위 성당))

  • Nabawi Catholic Church (화산천주교회(나바위 성당))
  • Nabawi Catholic Church (화산천주교회(나바위 성당))
  • Nabawi Catholic Church (화산천주교회(나바위 성당))
  • Nabawi Catholic Church (화산천주교회(나바위 성당))
  • Address 146, Nabawi 1-gil, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do
    전라북도 익산시 망성면 나바위1길 146
  • Type Temples/ Religious Sites
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    Nabawi Catholic Church is located in Hwasan-ri, Mangseong-myeon in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do Province and is known as the oldest surviving catholic church in the Jeolla-do region. The church was built in 1906 to commemorate the return of priest Kim Dae-geon in 1845 (Joseon dynasty) after he was ordained in Shanghai, China. Inside the church stand two monuments: one built in 1954 to honor Joseph Vermorel (French missionary, 1860-1937) and one built in 1955 to honor priest and martyr Kim Dae-geon. Considered the most significant catholic relic of the Jeolla-do region, the church is sought out by large numbers of Catholic visitors each year.

    Current Status
    Historic Site No. 318 (Designated on July 18, 1987)

    N/A (Open all year round)

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