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Baengnyeonam Hermitage (Cheongsong) (백련암-청송)

  • Baengnyeonam Hermitage (Cheongsong) (백련암-청송)
  • Baengnyeonam Hermitage (Cheongsong) (백련암-청송)
  • Baengnyeonam Hermitage (Cheongsong) (백련암-청송)

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226, Gongwon-gil, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 청송군 부동면 공원길 226
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    Baengnyeonam is part of Daejeonsa Temple and is located opposite the temple. With crystal clear stream running in front and Janggunbong Peak at the back, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Baengnyeonam Hermitage. Although it unknown when this hermitage was built, it is said that it was named after the daughter of King Ju 'Baengnyeon'.

    During the Imjin War (Japanese invasions of Korea, 1592-1598), the great Buddhist monk Samyeong stayed here in the building named Songunjeongsa. But the building does not exist today and you can find only the site and the board where the name of the building is written. There remains some buildings called Sanwanggak and Yosa in the hermitage and also you can see the portrait of the great Buddhist monk Samyeong.

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