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Gimhae International Airport (김해국제공항)

  • Gimhae International Airport (김해국제공항)
  • Address 108, Gonghangjinim-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan
    부산광역시 강서구 공항진입로 108 (대저2동)
  • Type Express
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    • For more info: +82-1661-2626
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  • Information
    Located in Daejeo 2-dong of Busan's Gangseo-gu district,   Gimhae International Airport was originally named Busan Suyeong Airport when it opened in August 1958. It was renamed Gimhae International Airport in August 1976.

    Since its opening, it has gradually transformed into an international airport that provides service to over 10 million travelers each year. In recent years, the airport has continued to develop amenities and facilities to provide a more comfortable travel experience for travelers, and added additional facilities for people with disabilities.

    Main Routes
    International / Domestic flights The flight schedules vary by air careers. Please refer to the website

    Credit Cards

    Convenience Facilities
    Level 1: Airport information center, Tourist Information Desk, Banks, Restaurants, Cafes, Convenience stores, etc.
    Level 2: Internet lounge, lost-and-found Office, Global Tax Free Center, Currency Exchange, Pharmacies, Cafes, etc.
    Level 3: Airport Art Hall, Outdoor garden, Food Court, etc.

    Parking Facilities

    Facilities for the Handicapped
    * Braille sidewalks, elevators, restrooms, reserved parking stalls, etc.

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