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Hongwon Port (홍원항)

  • Hongwon Port (홍원항)
  • Hongwon Port (홍원항)
  • Hongwon Port (홍원항)
  • Hongwon Port (홍원항)
  • Hongwon Port (홍원항)
  • Hongwon Port (홍원항)
  • Hongwon Port (홍원항)
130-3, Hongwon-gil, Seo-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 서천군 서면 홍원길 130-3
Ports/ Fishing Villages/ Lighthouses
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    Hongwon Port, located near Chunjangdae Beach, is a popular place for enjoying sea fishing and delectable meals of fresh raw fish. In addition to its culinary appeal, the port offers the picturesque scene of long stretches of shoreline guarded by two beacons in red and white.

    Located only 10 minutes away by car is Maryang Port, which is one of the rare places where visitors can see both the sunrise and sunset. Maryang Port is the third most popular spot along the west coast after Anmyeondo Island and Daecheon Beach and is particularly loved by couples. Though Hongwon Port is perhaps not as scenic as Maryang Port, Hongwon is bigger and has more fishing boats (thanks to its small tidal range), resulting in a livelier atmosphere and cheaper sashimi prices.

    There is also a beautiful camellia hill, called ‘Dongbaekjeong’ located nearby. When the camellias are in full bloom, short-tentacled octopuses are in season at Hongwon Port. However, gizzard shad is by far the most popular seafood caught in the waters off the port. There are even old Korean sayings that stem from the popularity of the gizzard shad, which is said to be most abundant and delicious in the fall. According to the sayings “In the head of Gizzard Shad caught in autumn are three bags of sesame” (referring to the worth of the fish) and, “The smell of grilled gizzard shad brings the runaway daughter-in-law back home” (in reference to its taste).

    Hongwon Port (along with Gwangyang Port in Jeollanamdo) is the prime spot for gizzard shad. Each autumn the port holds the Gizzard Shad Festival, a festival that has plenty of events & delectable fish dises. While at the festival, visitors are also encouraged to check out the Seocheon Museum of Marine & Natural History and Dongbaekjeong. The stuffed specimens at the museum are worth the visit and the view of the Maryang Port from atop the museum is unbelievable.

    Representative festival of Hongwon Port: Gizzard Shad Festival
    Hongwon Harbor hosts the Jeoneo (gizzard shad) Festival every October. During the festival fresh gizzard shad is served up in a variety of ways (including salads mixed with spicy marinated Jeoneo, cucumbers, sesame leaves, and parsley) and the village comes alive with fish-catching activities, performances, and fireworks.

    Jeoneo is known as a good hangover food and a good diet food because it is low in fat and high in protein. Also said to be good for the skin, this tasty fish appeals to a wide audience (as evidenced by the diverse crowds that visit the festival each year).


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