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Namdanghang Port (남당항)

  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
  • Namdanghang Port (남당항)
Namdang-ri, Seobu-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 홍성군 서부면 남당리 (서부면)
Ports/ Fishing Villages/ Lighthouses
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    Namdang Port is one of the representative ports of the West Coast along with Baeksajang Port in Taean. Known for catches of prawn, cockle, flat fish, rock fish and other types of seafood, the port draws visitors all year round. You’ll often see people out scouring the shoreline of the port for cockles, which are usually enjoyed as cockle shabu shabu or chargrilled cockle, top local delicacies.

    In September and October, many tourists flock to the port for the Daeha (prawn) Festival. The Namdangri Daeha Festival is a chance to eat and buy fresh prawn at reasonable prices and participate in programs that celebrate the fishing community. Favorite events include an ancestral ritual to pray for a plentiful catch, a fishing boat parade, singing contests, streets markets, and a ssireum (Korean wrestling) competition.

    Nearby attractions include the bamboo grove of Jukdo Island (10 minutes’ away by ferry) and Yongbongsan Mt., which is only a 40 minutes’ drive. Old houses of historical figures are also located in the area and include the residences of General Choi Young of the Goryeo Dynasty, Seong Sam Mun (a scholar official of the Joseon Dynasty), and General Kim Jwa Jin and Han Yong Un (independent activists).


    Tour Course Information
    * Driving Course (30min)
    Cheonsuman Breakwater (Part A) - Gungni Port - Sokdong Observatory - Namdanghang Port

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