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Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)

  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
  • Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (이사부 사자공원)
333, Surobuin-gil, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 삼척시 수로부인길 333 (증산동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-33-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-33-573-0561
Homepage (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Information
    The Isabu Leo (Lion) Park was established in memory of Isabu, a renowned admiral who served during the Silla Kingdom and was known for his pioneering spirit. Around 70 wood sculptures chosen from national craft competitions (held from 2008 to 2010) decorate the park grounds, which measure an impressive 27,930㎡. The park contains a year-round sled park and a bamboo forest and affords a magnificent view of the East Sea.

    Opening date
    August 2, 2011

    N/A (open all year round)

    Around 1 hour (excluding experience zones & sledding)

    Tour Course Information
    * 2-day Fieldtrip Course
    Lunch → Kangwon Museum → Hwanseon Cave → accomodations (Hwanseon Village) → Dogye Glass Village → Jukseoru → Yukhyangsan Park (Cheokju East Sea Memorial Stone) → Isabu Leo (Lion) Park → lunch → ocean rail bike

    * Experience Zone 2-day Course for Families
    Lunch → ocean rail bike→ Jangho Fishing Village → accomodations (Hwanseon Village) → Daegeum Cave (Hwanseon Cave) → Yukhyangsan Park (Cheokju East Sea Memorial Stone) → lunch → Surobuin Park → Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (sledding and glass craft experience zone)

    * Recommended 2-day Course for Couples
    Lunch → ocean rail bike → Haesindang Park → Saecheonnyeonhaean Road (Jogak Park, Tower of Hope) → dinner → Sarang Park → Isabu Leo (Lion) Park outdoor movie theater → accomodations → Daegeum Cave (Hwanseon Cave) → Ogye Glass Village → lunch → sea train

    Age Limit for Activities
    Visitors of all ages

    Operating Hours
    March-October 09:00-22:00 / November-February 09:00-21:00

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees

    Available Facilities
    Observatory, sledding park, outdoor theater, glass handicraft experience center, playground, walking trail, cafe

    Facility Utilization Fees
    * Sledding park fees (June-August)
    Entry fee: 5,000 won
    Guests using the Samcheok City Tourist Course: 4,500 won
    Groups (over 30 people): 4,000 won

    * Discounts are not available on weekends and national holidays.
    * While there is no time limit on how long guests can stay at the sled park, once they leave they cannot re-enter the facility.

    One located at the parking lot and another located in the park

    Facilities for the Handicapped
    Designated restrooms & parking spaces

    Parking Fees

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