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Mokdong Stadium (목동종합운동장)

  • Mokdong Stadium (목동종합운동장)
  • Mokdong Stadium (목동종합운동장)
  • Mokdong Stadium (목동종합운동장)
  • Mokdong Stadium (목동종합운동장)
  • Mokdong Stadium (목동종합운동장)

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939, Anyangcheon-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 양천구 안양천로 939 (목동)
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• For more info: +82-2-2640-3808
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  • Information
    Mokdong Stadium, located in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, was opened on November 4, 1989 to accommodate an increasing number of people who want to work out in Seoul. It houses a soccer field, baseball field, figure skating rink, as well as a traditional game field at the Jungang plaza. Also, it has an indoor shooting range and fitness club. The main stadium is comprised of a soccer field and an athletic sports stadium, spanning over an area of 16,233㎡ and is able to accommodate up to 16,000 people. The ice rink covers an area of 6,018㎡ and can accommodate up to 7,000 people. Not only are there the usual on-ice activities such as ice hockey and figure skating, ice ballet performance is also held in the stadium. The stadium is used for a diverse range of sports, as well as, a daily work out place for nearby residents.


    Structure Size
    Main Stadium: 13,455㎡
    Baseball Stadium: 16,233㎡
    Ice Rink: 6,018㎡

    Maximum Occupancy
    Main Stadium: 22,000 seats
    Baseball Stadium: 16,000 seats
    Ice Rink: 7,000 seats

    Subsidiary Facilities
    Fitness club, cafeteria, restrooms

    Parking Facilities
    600 parking spaces

    Parking Fee
    * Timed parking
    Small- & mid-sized vehicles: 200 won per 10min.
    Large-sized vehicles: 600 won per 10min.

    * Monthly parking
    Small & Mid-sized vehicles: 50,000 won
    Large-sized vehicles: 150,000 won

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