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Donggang River Rafting (Pyeongchang) (동강 래프팅 (평창))

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Donggang River, Mitan-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 평창군 미탄면 마하길 41-5
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• For more info: +82-33-330-2741
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    Known as the last untouched region in Korea, Donggang River is the best rafting spot in Korea. Starting from Daegwallyeong and running through Jeongseon and Pyeonchang to Yeongwal, the river has numerous rafting courses that flow with an abundance of water and wind past scene after beautiful scene. Courses generally have steep cliffs on one side of the river and banks of pebbles or sand on the other.

    The most famous course is called ‘Eorayeon,’ a name which has the connotation of a pond with fish that come to the surface and make the river shine like silk. As Donggang’s representative course, the course is said to take rafters over the entirety of Donggang River. The course is so picturesque that many people forget to paddle and just float along and enjoy the scenery.


    Tourism Course
    * Rafting Course (4 hours)
    Jintannaru (진탄나루) – Hwangsaeeyoul (황새여울) – Ambanyeoul (암반여울) – Munhui Village (문희마을) – Pass by Baengnyeong Cave (백령동굴 경유) – Chilmokryeong (칠목령) – Jintannaru (진탄나루)

    Brief Training Courses
    * Rafting Facility Information


    Contact Number

     Donggang Leports   +82-33-333-6600
     Yumi Leisure     +82-33-332-0008~9
     Yaho Leisure   +82-33-332-1117
     White Sports   +82-33-342-9800
     Rafting 700   +82-33-333-9956~7
     Hellio Leports   +82-33-334-6507

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