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Jangamsan Mt. Paragliding Field (장암산 활공장)

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San 46, Yeoman-ri, Pyeongchang-eup, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 평창군 평창읍 여만길 189-7 (평창읍)
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    Gangwon-do has it all—mountains, rivers, valleys, and the sea—and is a haven for travelers and those who enjoy leisure sports and activities.

    ‘Jangamsan Mountain Paragliding Field,’ located in Gangwon-do Pyeongchang, is known as the best paragliding spot in Korea, thanks to the area’s pristine natural environment. The direction of the wind and the altitude of the field enable people to enjoy paragliding all year round.

    Paragliders of all skill levels can find an appropriate flying program that will allow them to soar up in the sky and enjoy the beautiful scenery of downtown Pyeongchang and the Pyeongchang River. Only a 3-4 hour training session is enough for a simple flight. For more cautious flyers, there is even tandem paragliding (10-minute dual flight with a trainer). At the landing site along Pyeongchang River, people can also enjoy camping and swimming.


    Main Facilities
    * Jangamsan Mountain Paragliding Field
    - Location: Pyeongchang-gun Pyeongchang-eup Yeoman-ri San 46
    - Area: 1983 m²
    - Landing Field: 3306 m² (Pyeongchanggang Riverside, Noramtteul area)
    - Altitude: 759m

    Reference Notes
    * Equipment
    Shoes, gloves, sports sunglasses, helmet, flight suit, canopy, harness

    * For high-altitude flying (2,000m) & long-distance flying (20km)
    Map, drogue parachute, emergency food supply, compass, altimeter (flying instrument), etc.

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