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Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)

  • Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)
  • Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)
  • Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)
  • Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)
  • Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)
  • Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)
  • Elysian Jeju Country Club (엘리시안 골프 제주)
1738-116, Pyeonghwa-ro 15beon-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul
제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 평화로 1738-116 (애월읍)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-64-798-7000
Homepage (Korean, English, Chinese)
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  • Information
    Located in Aweol-eup on Jeju Island, Elysian Jeju Country Club is a prestigious golf course well known by Korea’s golf aficionados. Not just an ideal place to enjoy a round of golf, the country club also has space that can be booked for business seminars and other events.

    The country club boasts a hotel, teahouse, gardens and much more, but has already begun plans to further expand its facilities to include summer houses, a driving range, swimming pools, and a spa covering an area of 49 acres. By building these new facilities, Elysian Country Club hopes to advance from a country club to a comprehensive resort where visitors can enjoy a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

    Operating Hours
    Tee-off: 1 hour after sunrise to 5 hours before sunset
    ※ Operating hours may differ depending on season and weather/fairway conditions.


    Structure Size
    * Size
    Golf course (36 holes): 1,545,143㎡
    Lodging facilities (58 rooms): 46,600㎡

    * Golf course
    Members-only: 27 holes, Par 108, 9,798m (10,716 yards)
    Public golf course: 9 holes, Par 36, 3,270m (3,575 yards)

    Tourism Course
    * Golf Courses
    Total number of holes: 36 (members-only: 27, public: 9)
    Par: 144 (members-only: par 108, public: par 36 )
    Total length: 13,068m (14,291 yards)

    * Greens
    Type of grass: green bent grass (teeing area), Kentucky Blue Grass & Perennial Ryegrass (fairway)

    * Golf couses
    1) Lake Course
    2) Pine Course
    3) Campo Course
    4) Ocean Course

    Main Facilities
    * Banquet halls: small, medium, and large halls available.
    * Seminar halls: 6 medium and small halls for seminars and meetings.
    ※ Information: +82-64-798-7001, +82-2-2005-9299

    * Accommodations
    Deluxe Suite: 50 rooms/size-112.40㎡
    Executive Suite: 8 rooms/size-145.45㎡
    ※ Reservations: Tel: +82-64-798-7001/Fax +82-64-799-7011/Homepage

    Subsidiary Facilities
    * Club House
    Restaurant: +82-64-798-7165~6
    PDR: +82-64-798-7165~6
    Pro Shop: +82-64-798-7137
    Lobby lounge: +82-64-798-7167
    Sauna/lockers: Men +82-64-798-7139/Women +82-64-798-7140

    * Golfer's Plaza
    Large banquet hall: +82-64-798-7001/+82-2-2005-9299
    Small and medium seminar halls: +82-64-798-7001
    Business center: +82-64-798-7000
    Mini-mart: +82-64-798-7143
    Amuse: +82-64-798-7170
    Elodea: +82-64-798-7171
    Massage: +82-64-798-7141
    Fitness center: +82-64-798-7141

    * Bensly Garden
    Bensly Garden: +82-64-798-7183
    Outdoor swimming pool: +82-64-798-7183

    * Tea House
    Start House: +82-64-798-7173
    Geuneuljip: +82-64-798-7173

    Parking Facilities

    Parking Fee

    * General guidelines
    - Reservations may be made by phone, fax, or online (24/7).
    - Reservations for weekends and holidays must be made 4-8 weeks in advance and is open first to members, honorary members, members' family members, and recommended guests.
    - If the person whose name is on the reservation is not present, entrance will be denied.

    * When to make reservations
    - Members: 8 weeks in advance
    - Family members/ recommended members: 4 weeks in advance

    * Reservations Info
    - Tel: +82-64-798-7001
    - Fax: +82-64-799-7011
    - Online through the homepage

    * Questions concerning storage of golf bags/equipment: +82-64-798-7156

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