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Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)

  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
  • Hotel Spapia (호텔인터시티)
92, Oncheon-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
대전광역시 유성구 온천로 92 (봉명동)
Tourist Hotel / DELUXE(4 Star Level)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-42-600-6000,
(Korean, English, Japanese)
  • Information
    The name ‘Spapia’ is a combination of the words ‘spa’ and ‘utopia.’ The sulfur hot springs in the Daejeon area started to gain attention around the end of the Baekje Dynasty. Hot spring water used at Spapia is brought up from 20-400m underground and contains around 60 different minerals, void of heavy metal content. The water quality is of such high quality and is so well-known for its wonderful health benefits that even Taejong and Taejo, kings from the Joseon Dynasty, visited the hot springs.

    Hotel Spapia is located in Daejeon Yuseong-gu Bongmyeong-dong (Yusung Hot Spring Tourism District). In addition to 218 spacious guestrooms (the largest in the spa district), the hotel has Western and Korean restaurants, various banquet halls, a large parking lot, and high-speed internet and a personal safe in each room. The hotel is also known for hosting the Korean soccer team for 6 days during the 2002 World Cup when Korea was preparing for its game with Italy.

    +82-42-600-6000, +82-42-600-6006

    Number of Guestrooms
    204 rooms

    Room Amenities (Colored backgrounds designate availability)
    TVFridgeA/CLaundry ServiceDryerJacuzzi / hot tubInternetCablePersonal SafeKitchen Facilities

    Guestroom Kitchen
    Not available

    Check-In Time

    Check-Out Time

    Room Rates
    ₩ 210,000~

    * The room rate is the lowest price for this accommodation. Rates may vary according to season, room type and whether or not guests are entitled to discount rates. Please make sure to check the exact rate in advance before making your reservations. The room rate listed above is subject to change.

    Additional Taxes
    Not included in room rates

    Service Charges
    Not included in room rates

    Available (separate charges apply)

    Subsidiary Facilities
    Banquet halls, wedding hall, hot spring sauna, business center, bar, local specialty shops, flower shop

    The View (cafe & bar), Yetteul (restaurant), Korean and Western-style restaurants, bar

    Parking Facility
    Available (200 spaces or more)

    Tel: +82-42-600-6006~7 / Online

    Credit Cards

    Assistance for Foreigners (Available Languages)
    English, Japanese

    Baby Stroller Rental Services
    Not available

    Not permitted

    The hotel name will be changed from 'Hotel Spapia,' to 'Hotel Intercity' as of September 2011. (Construction period: August 6, 2011-September 18, 2011)

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