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Yongin Recreational Forest (용인자연휴양림)

  • Yongin Recreational Forest (용인자연휴양림)
  • Yongin Recreational Forest (용인자연휴양림)
  • Yongin Recreational Forest (용인자연휴양림)
  • Yongin Recreational Forest (용인자연휴양림)
  • Yongin Recreational Forest (용인자연휴양림)
  • Address 220, Chobu-ro, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
    경기도 용인시 처인구 모현읍 초부로 220
  • Type Recreational Forests/ Arboretums
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    Yongin Recreational Forest (162 ha) is perched on the southern foothills of Jeonggwangsan Mountain (alt. 562 m) in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. Facilities include lodging facilities, camping zone, meeting rooms, children’s playground, and walking paths.

    Opening date
    September 25, 2009

    2nd Wednesday of every month

    Hiking Course
    Mountain peak course: Approx. 4 hr
    Halfway point course: Approx. 1 hr 30 min

    Activity Information
    Forest guided tour & experience program

    Operating Hours
    [Park hours] 09:00-17:00
    [Accommodations] Check-in 14:00 / Check-out 11:00
    * Last admission: 16:00 in winter, 17:00 in summer

    Maximum Occupancy
    1,500 people

    Parking Facilities
    Available (limited space)

    Admission Fees
    Individuals: Adults 2,000 won / Teenagers 1,000 won / Children 600 won
    Groups: Adults 1,600 won / Teenagers 800 won / Children 400 won

    * Group: 20 people or more

    Available Facilities
    Forest experience center, house in the woods, campground, walking trail, multipurpose area, children's playground, wetlands observation center, grass square, creek
    * Reservation for camping site and accommodations are based on lottery system.


    Parking Fees
    [Peak season & Weekends]
    * Public holidays and the day before
    Compact cars 1,500 won / Small- & mid-sized cars 3,000 won / Large-sized cars 5,000 won

    Compact cars 1,000 won / Small- & mid-sized cars 2,000 won / Large-sized cars 3,500 won

    Interpretation Services Offered

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