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Beomnyunsa Temple (Yongin) (법륜사 (용인))

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  • Beomnyunsa Temple (Yongin) (법륜사 (용인))
  • Beomnyunsa Temple (Yongin) (법륜사 (용인))
  • Beomnyunsa Temple (Yongin) (법륜사 (용인))

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126 Nongchonpark-ro, Wonsam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 용인시 처인구 원삼면 농촌파크로 126 (원삼면)
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    Beomnyunsa Temple, located at the foot of the Munsusan Mountain in Yongin, Gyeoggi-do, consists of the Hall of Sakyamoni, the Hall of Paradise, the Hall of Kwan-yin, the Hall of Josa, Samsunggak Shrine, Beomjonggak Shrine, Yosachae, and a place of mediation for Buddhist nuns.

    The sizable 130-pyeong Hall of Sakyamoni was built in an open form of the Chinese character "亞" ("ah") in a Southern Buddhist style. The hall, made of indigenous red pine tree from Baekdusan Mountain, contains a 53-tonne stone Sakyamoni Statue (three times bigger in size than the Buddhist statue in Seokguram Grotto) and a 33-tonne stone Munsu Bohyeon Buddhist Saint Statue. On the left wall are 104 Sinjungnim (guardians of Buddhist law) as well as a Dongjin Boan Buddhist Saint Statue. There are also 1250 Buddhist saint statues, symbolizing the devotion of Buddhist followers.

    The temple also holds a three-story stone pagoda from the late Unified Silla Era, and is registered as Cultural Asset No. 145.

    As of March 2009, the temple also began offering a temple stay program.

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