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Sindo Island (신도)

  • Sindo Island (신도)
  • Sindo Island (신도)
  • Sindo Island (신도)
  • Sindo Island (신도)
  • Sindo Island (신도)
Incheon-si Ongjin-gun
Bukdo-myeon Sindo-ri
인천 옹진군 북도면 신도리
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Ongjin-gun Tourism Bureau: +82-32-899-2211~2214
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    Sindo Island is a 16.1 km-long (6.92㎢) piece of land situated 14km northwest of Incheon and 5km south of Ganghwado Island. Its highest point is Gubongsan Mountain (178.4 meters high). The name of the island, ‘Sindo’ (meaning ‘trust’ in Korean), came from the fact that the residents of the island are trustworthy and diligent. The island is also known as ‘Jinyeom’ (meaning ‘true salt’ in Korean) since the island is known for its high-quality salt.

    Though relatively small in size, the island has a diversity of geographical features. Along the southwest coast is a large bay, while the northern and southern regions are more mountainous. Wide tidelands surround the entire island and provide a habitat for rare birds including the Chinese Egret and Black-tailed Gull, which also populate nearby Sido and Modo Islands.

    Residents of Sindo make their living through farming and fishing. Goby and shellfish are caught off the coast and sweet grapes are grown in the fields. The villages of the island, such as Pyeongchon in the east, Gonam-ri in the southwest and Guroji in the southwest, serve as an important fishing points for locals.

    From the peak of Gubongsan Mountain, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the islands of the Yellow Sea (including Yeongjongdo Island). Travelers to Sindo can also conveniently visitor neighboring Sido Island via the 579 meter-long Yeondogyo Bridge, constructed in 1992.

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