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Sinbulsan County Park (신불산군립공원)

  • Sinbulsan County Park (신불산군립공원)
  • Sinbulsan County Park (신불산군립공원)
  • Sinbulsan County Park (신불산군립공원)
  • Sinbulsan County Park (신불산군립공원)
  • Sinbulsan County Park (신불산군립공원)
  • Sinbulsan County Park (신불산군립공원)
Deokhyeon-ri, Sangbuk-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
울산광역시 울주군 상북면 , 삼남면
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    Sinbulsan County Park is located in parts of the Sangbuk and Samnam districts of Ulju (County). The massive area encompasses 11.66 square km and is home to one of the most impressive peaks in the Yeongnam mountain range found in the southeast of Korea. The park’s hiking trails interconnect with those of neighboring Gangwolsan and Yeongchwisan Mountains and attract a large number of hikers year-round.

    Near the peak of Silbulsan Mountain sits a fortress with breathtaking views of silver grass. Water starts high above the clouds at Danjobong Peak and trickles down through streams and waterfalls to join the deep mountain valleys. One of the better known attractions in Silbulsan Mountain is Hongryu Falls which offers impressive views from its gentle cliffs.

    Also nearby the mountain are Deungeok Hot Springs and a number of restaurants for hikers to visit and enjoy after a full day on the mountain.


    Current Status
    County Park (designated on December 2, 1983)

    Hiking Course
    [Trail No. 1] Baengnyeonam Rock → Sinbulsan Recreation Forest → Paraeso Falls → Ganwoljae → Gajisan Mountain
    [Trail No. 2] Baengnyeonam Rock → Sinbulsan Recreation Forest → Cheongseokgol Valley → Sinbuljae Slope → Sinbulsan Mountain
    [Trail No. 3] Amethyst Cave → Sinbul Gongnyong No.2 → Danjobong Peak → Sinbul Gongnyong No.1 → Sinbulsan Mountain
    [Trail No. 4] Deungeok Hot Springs → Forest Trail → Ganwoljae Slope → Main Slope → Sinbulsan Mountain
    [Trail No. 5] Gacheon Meeting Hall → Ranch → Sinbulsan Historic Site → Sinbuljae Slope → Sinbulsan Mountain

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    Available Facilities
    Accommodations, restaurants, recreation forest, etc.

    Public restroom

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