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Hongseong Jeongamsa Temple (정암사 (홍성))

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652, Oseo-gil, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 홍성군 광천읍 오서길 625
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    As neighboring Oseosan Mountain goes through seasonal changes, so do the colors of Jeongamsa Temple. Oseosan Mountain brings flowing fields of silver grass every autumn. The fields stretch across the entire mountain and are the inspiration for the annual Silver Grass Festival in October. Situated halfway up the mountain, Jeongamsa Temple’s small size is common for rural villages, but its unique location draws many visitors year-round.

    There are few existing records that mention the temple’s beginning. Some suggest that it was built around AD 527 during the 5th year of King Seongwang’s reign, but there is little evidence to support this theory. The only reference alluding to a specific time is Yeojidoseo (‘Detailed Survey of Korean Geography’ published during the late Joseon dynasty). It states Jeongamsa Temple's location as on Oseosan Mountain, and Oseosan Mountain being surrounded by Hongsan Mountain and Baekwolsan Mountain and intersected by Hongju, Gyeolseong, and Boryeong. This indicates the temple was recognized in the mid-18th century and around the same time, Garamgo (a book about temples, published in the late 18th century) also states that Geongamsa Temple is located approximately 11 kilometers to the east of Gyeolseonghyeon. It is still uncertain whether the temple referred to is Jeongamsa Temple on Oseosan Mountain.
    Nonetheless, some foundation stones measure 70-80 centimeters on each side. These stones indicate the old Buddhist shrine of Jeongamsa Temple was laid out with five kan (Korean unit of measurement indicating the space between two pilars) at the front and three kan on the side. Future archaeological studies will help identify the true history of Jeongamsa Temple.

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