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Mindungsan Mountain (민둥산)

  • Mindungsan Mountain (민둥산)
  • Mindungsan Mountain (민둥산)
  • Mindungsan Mountain (민둥산)
  • Mindungsan Mountain (민둥산)
  • Mindungsan Mountain (민둥산)
  • Mindungsan Mountain (민둥산)
12, Mindungsan-ro, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 정선군 남면 민둥산로 12
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    Situated in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, Mindungsan Mountain (1,118.8 meters) is an unusual site when compared to other national peaks. As hinted by its name's meaning "bare mountain," there are few trees near its summit. Locals also refer to it as Eoksaesan (silver grass) Mountain because of the waves of eulalia covering its sides. The mountain remains this way because villagers burned the fields once a year to encourage the growth of wild herbs.

    The mountain’s gradual slope offers an enjoyable trekking experience for hikers of all levels. In mid-October, waist-high silver grass is indeed everywhere, making it challenging for hikers to view the surrounding areas. Fortunately, certain spots near the peak offer breathtaking views of the gentle ridges and flowing hillsides.

    Silver grass begins blooming in September and reaches peak colors between October and November. The Silver Grass Festival is held on Mindungsan Mountain every October, attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees for a wonderful outdoor hiking experience and picturesque photo opportunities. The mountain is easily accessible by train allowing visitors from near and far to enjoy the fall colors.

    On the outskirts of Mindungsan Mountain near Balgudeok village is Goebyeonggol Valley, which contains magnificent rock formations and limestone caves. Other nearby attractions include Hwaam Yaksu (spring water site), Auraji Naruteo famous for creating Jeongseon Arirang (a local version of the traditional folk song, Arirang), and Gariwangsan Mountain (known for wild ginseng).

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