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Mukhohang Port (묵호항)

  • Mukhohang Port (묵호항)
  • Mukhohang Port (묵호항)
  • Mukhohang Port (묵호항)
  • Address 22, Ilchul-ro, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
    강원도 동해시 일출로 22 (발한동)
  • Type Ports/ Fishing Villages/ Lighthouses
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    Situated in Donghae, Mukhohang Port opened in 1941 and used to be the most prolific trading port on the east coast. However, with the steady change in the economy, it has now become a center of fishing. A large wholesale seafood market at the port offers a wide array of freshly caught seafood. From early in the morning, merchants across the country gather at the market to purchase fresh seafood. Dried fish are also available.

    Mukho Lighthouse, located atop Dongmunsan Mountain, opened in June 1963 as an unmanned lighthouse guiding ships into Mukhohang Port. The two-story lighthouse is 12 meters tall and is made from cement. The white lighthouse stands out against the blue sea and sky to create a fantastic image. The area surrounding the lighthouse has been turned into a small park. There is a large rock inscribed with a poem about the sea near the park entrance.

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