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Gyeongpo Provincial Park (경포도립공원)

  • Gyeongpo Provincial Park (경포도립공원)
  • Gyeongpo Provincial Park (경포도립공원)
  • Gyeongpo Provincial Park (경포도립공원)
  • Gyeongpo Provincial Park (경포도립공원)
  • Gyeongpo Provincial Park (경포도립공원)
  • Gyeongpo Provincial Park (경포도립공원)

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Gangmun-dong & Unjeong-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
강원 강릉시 운정동 초당동, 강문동 일원
National & Provincial & County Parks
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    Gyeongpo Provincial Park was officially opened on June 26, 1982 (Total size 9.471㎢, Gangwon-do Provincial Notice No. 90). It houses many cultural assets and memorial sites centered around Gyeongpodae Pavilion, Gyeongpoho Lake, and Gyeongpo Beach. One of the eight scenic spots in Gwandong (old name of Gangwon-do), Gyeongpodae is famous for viewing the moon, as well as fishing at Gyeongpoho Lake. However, fishing is now prohibited due to the lake being designated as a natural protection area.

    Gyeongpo Beach is thought to be the best beach on the East Coast. The crystal waters of Gyeongpo Beach, elegant Gyeongpo Lake, Gyeongpodae Pavilion, Banghae Pavilion, Hohae Pavilion, Gyeongho Pavilion, and Gyeongyangsa Temple make Gyeongpo Provincial Park a great vacation attraction year round. Known as one of the most scenic locations in Gangwon-do for a long time, visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring, swimming in the summer, and deep-sea fishing and walking on the beach in the winter.

    * Gyeongpo Eight Scenic Sites: Nokduilchul, Jukdomyeongwol, Gangmuneohwa, Chodangchwiyeon, Hongjangyau, Jungbongnakjo, Hanseonchwijeok, Hansongmojong

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