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Busan Museum (부산박물관)

  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)
  • Busan Museum (부산박물관)

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63, UN pyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu, Busan
부산광역시 남구 유엔평화로 63 (대연동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-51-610-7111
Operating Hours
09:00 -20:00
* Last admission is 1 hour before closing.
New Year's Day, Every Monday (If a holiday falls on a Monday, then the museum opens on that day, but closes the following day.)
Length of Tour
Approx. 1-2 hour
  • Information

    The Busan Museum, offers seven regular exhibition rooms spread over three floors in addition to the Kiln Exhibition Hall, and the Outdoor Exhibition Hall. Opened in 1978, the museum has taken on a leading role in preserving traditional culture in Busan by obtaining a wealth of relics from strong excavation efforts, generous donations and purchases, and by meticulous research.

    The museum was remodeled in 2002 along with the opening of Exhibition Hall 2. The wide array of relics ranges from the Prehistoric Age to the modern period. The Outdoor Exhibition Hall is home to precious pagodas, Buddhist statues, and monuments. There are over 6,000 items from excavations in Busan and the Gyeongnam area in addition to items that have been purchased, donated, and collected. Those relics reveal the important historical and cultural heritage of Busan.

    Exhibition Hall Information

    * Exhibition Hall 1: Late Paleolithic Period, Samhan/Three Kingdoms Room, Unified Silla Room, Goryeo Room, Joseon Room-Public Affairs/Education, Joseon Room-Relics

    * Exhibition Hall 2: Korea-Japan Relationship Room, Modern Room, Contemporary Room, Living & Culture Room, and Busan Folk Room

    * Kiln Exhibition Hall: introduction to the process of making earthenware and tiles through kilns and displays tiles which visitors can touch

    * Outdoor Exhibition Hall: displays stone monuments and statues (such as Dongnae Nammun Monument, Cheokhwa Monument, Yakjojechal Monument and Sacheoseokgyo Monument)

    * Donation Center: displays items donated to the museum

    * History Experience Room: Touching Relics, Printing a Rubbed Copy, Erecting Stone Pagoda and Wooden Brackets, and Trying Folk Crafts

    Facilities for the Handicapped
    Wheelchair rental service, wheelchair lift, restrooms, parking spaces

    Admission / Participation Fees

    Baby Stroller Rentals
    Available (3 baby carriages / Information Desk +82-51-610-7150)

    Parking Facilities

    Parking Fee

    Info. Services for Koreans
    - Exhibition Explanation
    * Individuals / Groups of 20 people or less
    * Schedule: 10:00 / 11:00 / 14:00 (three times a day)
    * Duration: Approx. 1 hour
    * Registration: Make an inquiry at Information Desk or phone inquiry at +82-51-610-7162
    * Audio guide devices are available for people with disabilities only.

    - Groups of 20 people or more (visitors of ages 10 and above)
    * Schedule: 10:30 / 15:30 (twice a day)
    * Duration: Approx. 1 hour
    * Registration: Advanced reservation required.

    - Groups of 20 people or more (children (ages 6-10))
    * Schedule: 10:00 / 14:00 (twice a day)
    * Duration: Approx. 1 hour
    * Registration: Reservation required at least one week before visiting. For groups of 40 people or more, mandatory inquiry required. (Tue-Fri / 09:00-18:00)

    Foreign Language Intepretation Services
    English, Chinese, Japanese (Audio guide / +82-51-610-7162)
    - Guided tour is available in Japanese

    General Overview

    Homepage (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian)

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