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  • [Card Review] Laundry

    [Card Review] Laundry

    Small stores and closely spaced rooms for monthly rent. If you go up the narrow stairs, you will find a rooftop which meets the sky and clothes hung on a line and fluttering in the wind.
  • [Card Review] The Painters: HERO

    [Card Review] The Painters: HERO

    It is just an art concert. Why do my shoulders move up and down? “The Painters: HERO,” a nonverbal performance about the process of making pictures, is an exciting and cheerful performance.
  • [Card Review] Pang Show

    [Card Review] Pang Show

    Make bread (pang) and watch “Pang Show.” Have you ever seen a show like this? You have to pass through two gateways before watching “Pang Show.”
  • [Crucial Scenes] Pang Pang Cruise

    [Crucial Scenes] Pang Pang Cruise

    Is there any relationship between a cruise ship on the Hangang River and bread? The answer is “No.” But when you enter the E-Land Cruise Terminal to go on the Pang Pang Cruise, the first thing you do is make bread.
  • [Card Review] Fanta-Stick

    [Card Review] Fanta-Stick

    “Fanta-Stick” is good in that you can experience Gugak in an enjoyable way. As you can know from the adjective “fusion,” it is not authentic Gugak.
  • [Crucial Scenes] Fanta-Stick

    [Crucial Scenes] Fanta-Stick

    If there is the House of Montague and the House of Capulet in “Romeo and Juliet,” there is the Percussion family and the String family in “Fanta-Stick.” Once upon a time, in Heaven of “Fanta-Stick,” there was a man from the Percussion family and a woman from the String family who loved each other.
  • [Card Review] Kung Festival

    [Card Review] Kung Festival

    The main character of the show is frequently late for school because of a nightmare that he has every night.
  • [Crucial Scenes] Kung Festival

    [Crucial Scenes] Kung Festival

    School uniform, being late, wangtta*, jjang,* popular students and strict teachers… Looking back on middle and high school years, an adult may feel they are distant, but at the time, everyone does their utmost to survive in their peer group with intense longing.
  • [Card Review] Jump

    [Card Review] Jump

    The opening of “Jump” is impressive. An old gray-haired man is limping along, using a cane, down a narrow aisle between the seats.