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Sea Train

Sea Train【 Photo: Sea train along the eastern coast (Credit: KORAIL) 】

Sea Train Tour

The coastal cities of Gangneung, Donghae, and Samcheok in Gangwon-do offer a chance to ride the wonderful ocean-facing Sea Train, which runs along the coastline of the East Sea. The Sea Train presents unobstructed views as its windows are larger than those in standard trains. The region's well-known places like Jeongdongjin Beach, Mukho Port, and Samcheok Beach have a distinct impression when viewed from the train. The following column focuses on Jeongdongjin and Donghae, which are popular travel destinations for their gorgeous sunrise and picturesque coastal village scenes. Hop on the Sea Train to be captivated by the breathtaking ocean scenery!

Sea Train

  • Exterior of Sea train dynamically decorated with dolphins
  • Exterior of Sea train dynamically decorated with dolphins
  • Exterior of Sea train dynamically decorated with dolphins
【 Photo: Sea Train interior (Credit: KORAIL) 】

The Sea Train is composed of four cars: two first-class cars, one economy car, and one family car. The first and the second are first-class cars equipped with couple seats and all seats are window-facing. The third car has table seats designed for families, as well as regular train seats, and a cafeteria. The last car is mainly for accommodating group travelers with seats for two or three people. The train ride takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes for a one-way trip and 3 hours for a round trip.

In addition to the refreshing ocean views through the wide windows, Sea Train offers much more. The first and second cars include Proposal Rooms for couples where they can enjoy a glass of wine during their romantic ride along the ocean shore. Staffs will be able to provide assistance in taking photos for free upon request. The third car is equipped with Sea Train Café, where passengers can purchase a cup of coffee, light snacks, and even local products from the eastern coast region. The interior of the train is decorated in an undersea motif with images of starfish, shellfish, and a trick-art shark, provding a perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

More Info

Sea Train
  • Ticket purchasing: Jeongdongjin Station, Donghae Station
    * For other destinations, tickets can be purchased onboard from the train crew when seats are available. Please inquire in advance for availability.
  • Fare (one-way): Car No. 1 & 2 (first-class seats) 16,000 won / Car No. 3 Family Seats (for 4 people) 50,000 won / Car No. 4 (economy seats) 13,000 won / Proposal Room (for 2 people) 50,000 won
  • Schedule:
    Weekend Mornings Jeongdongjin-Samcheok Regular Train (Year-round)
    Jeongdongjin Station 07:10 10:30 14:10
    Anin Station (bypass) 07:26 10:46 14:26
    Jeongdongjin Station 07:38 10:58 14:38
    Mukho Station 08:02 11:22 15:02
    Donghae Station 08:13 11:33 15:13
    Chuam Station 08:22 11:42 15:22
    Samcheok Beach Station 08:26 11:46 15:26
    Samcheok Station 08:33 11:53 15:33
    Sea Train - Schedule
    Weekend Mornings Samcheok-Jeongdongjin Regular Train (Year-round)
    Samcheok Station 08:50 12:30 15:45
    Samcheok Beach Station 08:58 12:38 15:53
    Chuam Station 09:02 12:42 15:57
    Donghae Station 09:12 12:52 16:07
    Mukho Station 09:22 13:02 16:16
    Jeongdongjin Station 09:46 13:26 16:40
    Anin Station (bypass) 10:02 13:42 16:56
    Jeongdongjin Station 10:13 13:53 17:07
    • Jeongdongjin-Samcheok Weekend Mornings
      Jeongdongjin Station: 07:10
      Anin Station (bybass): 07:26
      Jeongdongjin Station: 07:38
      Mukho Station: 08:02
      Donghae Station: 08:13
      Chuam Station: 08:22
      Samcheok Beach Station: 08:26
      Samcheok Station: 08:33
    • Jeongdongjin-Samcheok Regular Train (Year-round)
      Jeongdongjin Station: 10:30 / 14:10
      Anin Station (bybass): 10:46 / 14:26
      Jeongdongjin Station: 10:58 / 14:38
      Mukho Station: 11:22 / 15:02
      Donghae Station: 11:33 / 15:02
      Chuam Station: 11:42 / 15:22
      Samcheok Beach Station: 11:46 / 15:26
      Samcheok Station: 11:53 / 15:33
    • Samcheok-Jeongdongjin Weekend Mornings
      Samcheok Station: 08:50
      Samcheok Beach Station: 08:58
      Chuam Station: 09:02
      Donghae Station: 09:12
      Mukho Station: 09:22
      Jeongdongjin Station: 09:46
      Anin Station (bypass): 10:02
      Jeongdongjin Station: 10:13
    • Samcheok-Jeongdongjin Regular Train (Year-round)
      Samcheok Station: 12:30 / 15:45
      Samcheok Beach Station: 12:38 / 15:53
      Chuam Station: 12:42 / 15:57
      Donghae Station: 12:52 / 16:07
      Mukho Station: 13:02 / 16:16
      Jeongdongjin Station: 13:26 / 16:40
      Anin Station (bypass): 13:42 / 16:56
      Jeongdongjin Station: 13:53 / 17:07
  • ※ Trains may not operate on certain days of the month due to safety inspections. ※ Weekend morning train operates on weekends, public holidays, and summer vacation season (until August 20, 2017) only. Please check the schedule from the official website in advance.
  • Website:
    - Sea Train website: www.seatrain.co.kr (Korean only)
    ※ During the summer vacation season (July-August), the train is often fully-booked; we recommend making a reservation in advance through the Sea Train website.
    - KORAIL website: www.letskorail.com (English, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Inquiries: Sea Train +82-33-573-5474 (Korean, Japanese)
  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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