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DMZ Train

Photo Credit: KORAIL 【 Photo: Exterior of the DMZ Peace Train (Credit: Korea Railroad Co., KORAIL) 】

Hop on the DMZ Peace Train for a Unique Experience

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Korea marks the only divided country in the world, and it can be experienced through the DMZ Peace Train offered by KORAIL. With two train routes running daily – Gyeongui Line, departing from Yongsan Station to Dorasan Station and Gyeongwon Line, departing from Seoul Station to Baengmagoji Station, let’s hop on the DMZ train to embark on a beautiful journey of history, nature and peace!

Photo Credit: KORAIL 【 Photo: Rusty steam locomotive motif (left) / Interior of DMZ Peace Train (right) 】

The DMZ Peace Train consists of three cabins, each designed with a different theme: peace, love and harmony. The first cabin (peace) has a rusty steam locomotive motif, conjuring up images of hope and memories of the past. The other two cabins are decorated with images of people from across the globe holding hands, symbolizing love and harmony. In particular, the cabin interior exhibits both pictures and descriptions of DMZ’s past and present, allowing visitors to learn about the site even before arriving.

Gyeongui Line (Yongsan - Dorasan)

First introduced in May 2014, the DMZ Train Gyeongui Line runs from Yongsan Station to Dorasan Station, the northern most station on the line. The train operates once a day (round-trip), excluding Mondays and public holidays.

In October 2015, a unification platform was opened at the final stop on the Gyeongui Line, Dorasan Station, mainly featuring the Berlin Wall, a symbol of the German Unification, a U.S. military caboose operated in East and West Germany during the Cold War period, and also messages of unification written by the Korean citizens.

Train stops: Yongsan → Seoul → Neunggok → Munsan → Uncheon → Imjingang → Dorasan

※  Visitors who wish to participate in The 3rd Tunnel or Security Tour from Dorasan Station will have to purchase an tour package in advance. For inquiries on the tour package, please contact +82-1544-7788 (Korean), +82-1599-7777 (English) for more details.

Photo Credit: KORAIL 【 Photo: Imjingak Resort (Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Park) (top) / Dora Observatory (bottom left) / The 3rd Tunnel (bottom right)】

Gyeongwon Line (Seoul - Baengmagoji)

Beginning operations in August 2014, the DMZ Peace Train Gyeongwon Line departs Seoul Station and makes stops at Hantangang River and Sintan-ri Stations before finally arriving at Baengmagoji Station. Excluding Tuesdays, the train runs once per day (round-trip).

Visitors can feel the scars of war when they visit the Cheorwon Korean Workers' Party Headquarters and Seungilgyo Bridge, along with a tour around one of the city’s top scenic locations, Goseokjeong National Tourist Area, and other famous attractions of Cheorwon County. Passengers taking the DMZ Peace Train can get off at Baengmagoji Station and enjoy these sites by joining either the Cheorwon Security Tour or one of the city tours (Yeoncheon, Cheorwon) available.

Train stops: Seoul → Cheongnyangni → Uijeongbu → Dongducheon → Hantangang → Yeoncheon → Sintan-ri → Baengmagoji

The tourist attractions included in the itinerary for Gyeongwon Line tours differ by program (Cheorwon Security Tour, Yeoncheon City Tour and Cheorwon City Tour). Therefore it is recommended to check with the respective tour provider in advance to ensure the destination you desire is included.

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DMZ Peace Train
  • Purchasing tickets: Tickets are available for purchase on-site
    • The KR Pass (online reservation only) or Nadeuri Integrated Pass are recommended as they grant unlimited access on the DMZ train and other tourist trains including O-Train, V-Train, A-train and S-train for the fixed period of time purchased.
    • Related page: Railroad Passes
  • Price (One-way): Gyeongui Line 9,200 won / Gyeongwon Line 12,800 won

Gyeongui Line Timetable

Gyeongui Line Timetable
Train Yongsan Station Seoul Station Neunggok Station Munsan Station Uncheon Station Imjingang Station Dorasan Station
No. 4887 10:08 10:15 10:38 11:14 11:20 11:38 11:42
Train Dorasan Station Imjingang Station Uncheon Station Munsan Station Neunggok Station Seoul Station Yongsan Station
No. 4888 16:00 16:13 16:17 16:22 16:58 17:23 17:26
  • Train: No. 4887
    Yongsan Station: 10:08
    Seoul Station: 10:15
    Neunggok Station: 10:38
    Munsan Station: 11:14
    Uncheon Station: 11:20
    Imjingang Station: 11:38
    Dorasan Station: 11:42
  • Train: No. 4888
    Dorasan Station: 16:00
    Imjingang Station: 16:13
    Uncheon Station: 16:17
    Munsan Station: 16:22
    Neunggok Station: 16:58
    Seoul Station: 17:23
    Yongsan Station: 17:26

Gyeongwon Line Timetable

Gyeongwon Line Timetable
Train Seoul Station Cheongnyangni Station Uijeongbu Station Dongducheon Station Hantangang Station Yeoncheon Station Sintan-ri Station Baengmagoji Station
No. 4885 09:27 09:52 10:28 10:56 11:07 11:20 11:37 11:44
Gyeongwon Line Timetable
Train Baengmagoji Station Sintan-ri Station Yeoncheon Station Hantangang Station Dongducheon Station Uijeongbu Station Cheongnyangni Station Seoul Station
No. 4886 16:06 16:17 16:50 17:02 17:17 17:42 18:11 18:23
  • Train: No.4885
    Seoul Station: 09:27
    Cheongnyangni Station: 09:52
    Uijeongbu Station: 10:28
    Dongducheon Station: 10:56
    Hantangang Station: 11:07
    Yeoncheon Station: 11:20
    Sintan-ri Station: 11:37
    Baengmagoji Station: 11:44
  • Train: No.4886
    Baengmagoji Station: 16:06
    Sintan-ri Station: 16:17
    Yeoncheon Station: 16:50
    Hantangang Station: 17:02
    Dongducheon Station: 17:17
    Uijeongbu Station: 17:42
    Cheongnyangni Station: 18:11
    Seoul Station: 18:23
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